Clear Winds Technologies - Your Technology Partner in Business


We understand that your business goals are growth, satisfying your clients, ensuring company profitability and providing a key product.  Our goals at Clear Winds Technologies are to help your organization use technology solutions in creating a sustained competitive advantage and to ensure that your key product is delivered timely and properly.


Our technology solutions bring value to your business by combining the correct products with our business and technical services and knowledge.  Our team provides these solutions by:

Partnering with our clients
Assessing and planning the customer's strategic and current needs
Designing solutions that fit the client's goals
Analyzing the processes of the company to ensure its competitive advantage
Implementing the technology solutions necessary to carry out the company's business
Managing technology by providing proactive support to ensure a highly available

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If you do not have an IT staff, have an overworked IT staff or have an overworked network, iTops will be your choice. Clear Winds offers the most flexible offerings in the Southeast.

• Managed Services
• Data Center Hosting
• Web & Email Hosting
• Offsite Backup
• CIO/CT) Services


Total Virtualization

In today's environment, efficient use of your resources and cost of runing your technology is very important.  Clear Winds has the best virtualization engineers in the area.  We can virtualize everything from desktops, servers and storage to data centers and management.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

It is important to ensure that you have a plan to run your business if you have a disaster.  Clear Winds' experts in this area have implemented many plans for companies to provide security for their data and continuity for their business.



Businesses count on their proprietary data whether it is in Oracle or SQL or other flavors.  For many companies, it is their competitive advantage.  Clear Winds is the database expert.  Period.



The network's capabilities have expanded over the past few years.  Our network experts have extensive experience with not only routing and switching, but with telephones systems, voice over IP, wireless, etc.



Stay on top of security and out of the newspaper with one of the most comprehensive IT security portfolios in the region.

• Firewall
• Spam Filtering
• Intrusion Prevention
• Content Filtering
• Security Audits
• Disk Encryption
• Antivirus



To ensure that data is secure and available, your servers and storage need to be optimized and manageable.  Clear Winds team of system engineers provides a wealth of knowledge in this area.


Service Management

IT Governanace and the imperative to do more with less have many IT leaders looking at IT Service Management principles.  Clear Winds has the knowledge to help you balance efficiency and effectiveness.