About Clear Winds Technologies

Clear Winds Technologies was founded in June 2001 when Senior Engineers and Project Managers at a previous consulting firm realized the need for an organization that provides companies with dependable, skilled technology resources. Our original concept was to continue servicing our current client base from an infrastructure standpoint. Our service offerings were similar to today’s offerings but focused mainly on networking, security, Oracle and UNIX. We successfully maintained this customer base for the first couple of years without any aggressive growth strategies. Around the summer of 2003 we decided to expand our staff and offerings to better service our customers and expand our reach primarily within the state of Alabama.

Currently we continue this strategy and are now extending our expertise to other areas around the Southeast, as well as across the United States. Still, our primary focus is on Birmingham and its outlying markets including Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Huntsville.

We have also expanded our knowledge base significantly. Although we have kept our expertise in networking, security, Oracle and UNIX; we have also added expertise in Microsoft (systems and applications), data storage, development solutions and project management. Clear Winds is working in many industries; however, two vertical markets have emerged for us in healthcare and retail. We have developed resources and partnerships to better serve these two markets.

We are continually working to refine our offerings to provide the most value to our customers. As a result of our successes, Clear Winds is continuing to grow at a rapid pace through partner and client referrals.